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Bureau of Protective Services Bike Patrol Unit

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BPS Bike Patrol Unit The BPS Bike Patrol Unit was created in 2001 with the goal of increasing accessibility and presenting a positive law enforcement presence for the visitors and employees on the State House Complex and surrounding state properties. These officers utilize mountain bikes to patrol the State House Complex and surrounding state properties to establish public confidence in law enforcement by providing daily, non-intimidating police/public contact that fosters a cooperative and friendly relationship.

The BPS Bike Patrol Unit has proven to be an effective resource to the Department by allowing these officers to quickly respond anywhere on the State House Complex. Utilizing mountain bicycles prove to be environmentally friendly and are economically responsible in regards to the rising fuel cost.

All officers that participate in Bike Patrol undergo a certified Law Enforcement Bicycle Association (LEBA) Basic Police Mountain Bicycle Class. This 40-hour course certifies officers on national accepted standards and practices and incorporates training in firearms, defensive tactics, as well as patrol tactics



CALEA Accreditation