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March 26, 2018
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COLUMBIA – The South Carolina Department of Public Safety held a ceremony today honoring troopers from around the state for exceptional service in 2017. SCHP also recognized Telecommunications Operators from around the state for the support they provide to the Highway Patrol and other DPS law enforcement divisions. Special awards – Medal of Valor and Purple Heart Award – were presented as well. This was the 50th Anniversary of the Trooper of the Year Award. The Highway Patrol invited the recipients or their designated family members back to be recognized. Trooper Stevi J. Price was named the overall Trooper of the Year – representing the first female to ever win the Trooper of the Year award.



Trooper Stevi Price

2017 Trooper of the Year, Trooper Stevi J. Price, Troop One/Post D (Richland County)


Tpr. Stevi J. Price (above), stationed in Richland County, was the South Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year overall winner. Price was chosen from among 10 other nominees from around the state. She was recognized for her efforts to save the life of a motorist following a collision. Price was on her way to a call for service when she stopped to assist with another collision. The car was beginning to catch fire and a motorist was trapped inside the vehicle. Price, with the help of another trooper who arrived on-scene, was able to free the woman from the vehicle before it was fully engulfed in flames. Price also received the Director’s Medal of Valor for her heroic efforts. Trooper Price is a native of Statesville, NC, and has been with the Highway Patrol since 2015 (for a complete write-up of her nomination, click here).


2017 Trooper of the Year Nominees

2017 Trooper of the Year Nominees:

First Row: Left to Right: Director Leroy Smith, L/Cpl. Jonathan L. Craig, Troop 9; Trooper Stevi J. Price, Troop 1, Overall Winner for the State and Medal of Valor Award Winner; L/Cpl. Jimmy B. King, Troop Five; Trooper Jennifer M. Ross, Troop Six; SCHP Col. Chris Williamson. Second row: F/Sgt. Curtis A. Burns, Troop Seven; Cpl. William C. West, Troop 4 and Medal of Valor Award Winner; Trooper Timothy R. Matthews, Troop 2; L/Cpl. Jared B. Beebe, Troop Three; TFC Benjamin L. Crocker, Troop Eight and also Medal of Valor Winner; L/Cpl. Michael D. Looney, Troop 10; Cpl. David C. Martin, Troop 11 and Medal of Valor Award Winner.



TCO Brad Carrigg

2017 TCO of the Year TCO Brad Carrigg


TCO Brad Carrigg (above) of the Blythewood Telecommunications Center was chosen as the overall Telecommunications Operator winner. He was recognized for the outstanding work he does each day to support troopers and other law enforcement as well as the motoring  public (see attached link for narrative). He was also honored for the professional way in which he assisted troopers during a pursuit of suspects who had just committed a robbery and were wanted for 40 robberies in the Southeast.



2017 TCO of the Year Nominees

Telecommunications Operator of the Year Nominees

From left to right: Director Leroy Smith; TCO Jessica Wiebalk, Charleston; TCO April Wooten, Greenville; SCHP Col. Chris Williamson; TCO Brittany Dial, Florence, and Overall Winner for the State: Brad Carrigg, Blythewood TCC.


Medal of Valor Winners and Purple Heart Award Winners



Director’s Medal of Valor Awards:
Trooper Christopher M. Flitter (Troop One)
Cpl. Jeremy S. Heaton (Troop Two)
L/Cpl. Kenneth M. Small (Troop Eight)


Director’s Purple Heart Award:
L/Cpl. Joseph J. Ragazzo (Troop Five)


Trooper of the Year Nominees:


*Also Medal of Valor Award Winner

Troop One:

Trooper Stevi J. Price*

Troop Two:

Trooper Timothy R. Matthews

Troop Three:

L/Cpl. Jared B. Beebe

Troop Four:

Cpl. William C. West*

Troop Five:

L/Cpl. Jimmy B. King

Troop Six:

Trooper Jennifer M. Ross

Troop Seven:

F/Sgt. Curtis A. Burns

Troop Eight:

TFC Benjamin L. Crocker*

Troop Nine:

L/Cpl. Jonathan L. Craig

Troop Ten:

L/Cpl. Michael D. Looney

Troop Eleven:

Cpl. David C. Martin*


Telecommunications Winners
TCO Stephen “Brad” Carrigg,  Blythewood TCC
TCO Jessica Wiebalk,  Charleston TCC
TCO Brittany C. Dial,  Florence TCC
TCO April Wooten,  Greenville TCC


The South Carolina Department of Public Safety includes the Highway Patrol, State Transport Police, Bureau of Protective Services, Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs, Immigration Enforcement Unit and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame. Our mission is to ensure public safety by protecting and serving the people of South Carolina and its visitors.
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