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About Training
The course is designed to benefit law enforcement officers, regardless of their knowledge of the Spanish language. The course is intended to provide the students with the skills to:

  • Make arrests and control their surroundings to enhance officer safety
  • Navigate legal and cultural issues pertaining to the language
  • Effectively gather accurate biographical information
  • Understand the construction of Latino names
  • Use interview control to effectively interact with Spanish speakers
  • Be familiar with street slang, gang slang, drug and weapons terms for threat recognition
  • Hands-on practical exercises

This is accomplished through lecture, intensive and repetitive drills, utilization of contextual vocabulary, real world examples and case studies. These classes are highly interactive, to increase retention.

The students will be introduced to court cases resulting from language issues, subtle differences in word definitions that could negatively impact their arrests and interviews, and simple, yet powerful ways to control conversations.

Students will also be taught key phrases and interview-control methods to adapt to almost any situation, obtaining valuable information from Spanish speakers, over and above the limitations of their Spanish vocabularies.

As part of the class offerings, students will receive a class handout and a practice audio CD.



CALEA Accreditation



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