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Statistical Services

Statistics Section maintains the South Carolina traffic collision database and is the core of data analysis within the Office of Highway Safety. The support functions provided by this section serve as the basis for the majority of traffic safety programs in the State. Each year two publications are produced and disseminated throughout the state, the South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book and the South Carolina Commercial Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Fact Book.

Three federal programs essential to Highway Safety are housed within the Statistical Section. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) is a national database of all the events involving a fatal collision. Safetynet is another national database for tracking collision and citation incidents of commercial motor vehicles (CMV). This database is fed through both the Office of Highway Safety and the State Transport Police, to create a carrier’s safety profile. Highly connected to the functioning of Safetynet is the CMV program, which specifically serves as a support function for the Transport Police.

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SC Traffic Collision Report Form (TR-310)

Form for the Monthly Coroner's Report of Blood Alcohol and Drugs for Traffic Fatality Victims (pdf)

The South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book is available for download as a PDF file.   To view PDF files you will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click the following icon to download your free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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