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Statistics Concerning Child and Youth (Aged 0–17) Victims of Crime as Recorded in the South Carolina Incident-Based Reporting System (SCIBRS) for Years 1991–2015.
This report by Holly Groover uses data from the South Carolina Incident-Based Reporting System (SCIBRS) to provide statistics concerning child and youth victims of crime. It includes general trends from 1991 through 2015 for victims under eighteen, as well as general trends for victims aged 0–10 and 11–17 over this same period. More specific statistics from 2011 through 2015 review the most numerous and/or most serious crimes affecting sixteen different groups of victims: white males, black males, Hispanic males, other males, white females, black females, Hispanic females, and other females aged 0–10 and 11–17. County-level victimization rates for 2011 through 2015 are also included.
-Child and Youth Victims of Crime Report (PDF)

Statistics for Years 2011–2013 Regarding Disproportionality and Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) in South Carolina Juvenile Arrests for Offenses at School Using Data from the South Carolina Incident-Based Reporting System (SCIBRS)
Description – This report by Holly Groover examines disproportionality for eight sex–race–ethnicity groups that span the youth population. Statistics support the conclusion that for the 10–16 age group, black youth were arrested for school offenses at nearly three times the rate of white youth. Relative rate index (RRI) analyses of arrest offenses, drugs, and weapons showed that black males and black females were consistently the only groups of the eight considered that exhibited disproportionality; in other words, for arrests of South Carolina youth aged 10–16 for school offenses in 2011–2013, disproportionality was a problem for black youth—both male and female. Analyses for arrest type and disposition did not uncover disproportionality.
-Juvenile DMC in Schools Report (PDF)

An Overview of Racial Disproportionality in Juvenile Arrests and Offenses in South Carolina
Description – This report compares juvenile arrest and offense rates by race and ethnicity controlling for a variety of factors including type of offense, location, weapon involvement and time of day. The findings are based on an analysis of South Carolina Incident Based Reporting System data for 2008 and 2009. It was published in May 2012.
- Overview of Racial Disproportionality in Juvenile Arrests and Offenses in South Carolina

Juveniles at Risk: A Cohort Analysis of Juveniles Released from the South Department of Juvenile Justice
Description – This report links adult computerized criminal records to a cohort of South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice client records in order to determine the level of subsequent adult criminal activity. The analysis looks at a variety of sub-populations of interest including violent offenders, sex offenders and other groups. This report was published in July 2003.
-Juveniles at Risk

Juvenile and Young Adult Firearm Use in South Carolina: An Update and Reanalysis of the Data
Description – This report is a follow-up to an earlier project examining firearm use among juveniles and young adults. The analysis is based on South Carolina Incident Reporting System data for 1996 and 1997. it also presents the results of a survey of incarcerated juveniles regarding their use of and attitudes towards firearms. This report was published in June 1999. The original report is not available on-line.
-Firearm Possession and Use Among Youth:
Reanalysis of Findings From a Survey of Incarcerated Juveniles in South Carolina


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