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State Victims Assistance Program

In 1986, General Assembly of South Carolina passed the Omnibus Criminal Justice Improvements Act. As a result of this act, a percentage of the wages earned by inmates participating in the South Carolina Department of Corrections’ Work Release Program must be placed on deposit with the State Treasurer for credit to a special account to support victim assistance programs established pursuant to the Victims of Crime Act of 1984. The special account is known as the State Victims Assistance Program (SVAP).

Following amendments to state legislation, twenty percent of inmate’s wages are garnished and half of this amount is remitted back to the Department of Corrections for the support of the work release program. The Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs, administers the remaining half of these funds. Designed to complement and coordinate with the federal VOCA funds, the SVAP provides services under these programs: Victims of Sexual Assault, Victims of Spousal Abuse, Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect, Law Enforcement Victim Assistance, Training Programs, and Previously Underserved Victims of Crime. Any certified private non-profit organization or public/government agency (local, county or state) is eligible to apply for grant funding under SVAP. Match requirements for direct service project funding are as follows: First Year—80 percent Grantor/20 percent In-Kind or Cash Match, Second Year—80 percent Grantor/20 percent In-Kind or Cash Match, Third Year—80 percent Grantor/20 percent Cash Match, Fourth Year—70 percent Grantor/30 percent Cash Match, Fifth Year and Beyond—50 percent Grantor/50 percent Cash Match. No match is required for Training Grants. To learn more about the SVAP grant program, please click the Application Guidelines and Procedures link below.

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