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Name:Essie Mae Perritt
Date of Birth:4/18/1944
Date of Passing:12/5/2003
County/Road of Fatal Collision:Highway 319

ESSIE MAE PERRITT Was born on April 18,1944 in Horry County, South Carolina. She was the daughter of Hamp and Myrtle Rabon and the sister to six other siblings. Essie was married on September the 5th 1959 to James Perritt. She was a mother of three girls, Cindy, Wanda and Norma. She went to work in 1969 at Holly Farms, but she only worked for a short period and decided she wanted to be a homemaker and raise their children. She not only raised their own, but she took care of all of her brothers and sisters and all of James brothers and sister, and many others at some point and time in their lives. She would also babysit all of the neighborhood children. She was a people person and she loved children. James worked for thirty one and a half years at the Port of Richmond, in Richmond, Virginia to provide for his family. It was both James and Essie's dream to be able to move back to South Carolina to live, that's where both of them were born and raised. James had worked hard all of his life and in August of 1997 they were able to move back to South Carolina. In July of 2000 Essie was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast. Her breast had to be removed followed by eight long months of chemotherapy and thirty- six treatments of radiation. It was a long and hard road for Essie, James and the girls. Essie went through all of the treatments, the sickness from the chemotherapy and radiation, the throwing up, not being able to eat, and the humiliation of losing her hair, even her eye brows and eye lashes. She suffered much and was not able to do for herself or anyone else for two and a half years. James waited on her, he did all of the cooking, cleaning and anything else that had to be done. Her children and grandchildren would pay bills and run errands for them. After this long road of pain and suffering she came back strong. She was able to babysit again, she watched three children full time and also her grandchildren at times, taking them to school and picking them up. She was able to do for others again, taking them to buy groceries, pay bills or run errands. She just enjoyed helping people. She had planned on cooking Christmas dinner this year and was so excited about it. She had already planned out her menu and had bought everything for dinner. She had even gone Christmas shopping and bought and wrapped gifts for everyone. She planned for all of her children, their husbands, and all of the grandchildren, family and friends to be there twelve o'clock sharp (no excuses). On December the fifth two thousand and three she was on the way to take her aunt to run an errand, when her life was taken by a careless, thoughtless driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road around a curve and hit her head on. She died on impact. She never got to cook that dinner, she never got to open those gifts, she never got to say goodbye and neither did we. Essie got a death sentence that December day and her family ended up with a life sentence without her. She gave so much during her life and suffered so much, she beat the odds and then lost her life. Life sure is not fair. She will be missed by so many. We were not your ordinary family, we were closer than close. Our friends would tell us when we were growing up, your family acts like the Walton's that comes on T.V., because we were always there for each other. But now our family circle has been broken and so have our hearts.
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