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Name:Stephanie Lynn Inman
Date of Birth:2/19/1984
Date of Passing:4/17/2003
County/Road of Fatal Collision:Dillion/Hwy. 301

One year ago, April 17th, my life ended along with my daughter's. She was beautiful, kind and sweet. She was my world, a daughter and best friend. We were so much a part of one another, it was hard to tell where one stopped and the other started.

Stephanie was a happy person with many friends. Her passions were many, the top among them being Walt Disney World and dancing. She enjoyed both as often as possible. I am blessed to have some unforgettable memories of our trips to WDW, our trips to the mall, our drives to the beach and mountains, her first plane ride, the honor of knowing her hopes and dreams, her love for little children and animals, our many evenings at the movies, our Christmas's, Easter's, Halloweens, 4th of July's, Thanksgiving's, New Years Eve's, birthdays that lasted all month long, the hundreds of stuffed animals, but most of all the smiles, laughs and tears that we shared together.

As I write these words I realize how many wonderful memories I have, yet I know they'll never be enough. My greatest loss is that others will never know how wonderful and unforgettable she was because they'll never have the chance of knowing her for themselves.

Stephanie, I will always love you and forever miss you. One day we will be together again and I anxiously await that day.


In loving memory of my daughter, Stephanie

Abruptly the darkness envelops me,
Slowly sinking deeper into my soul.
Without warning the sea rises up to meet me,
As I falter at its endless bashing.
Where once was light and beauty,
Now only darkness resides.
The heavens open up to swallow me,
As did the sea but to no avail.
I'm still here and you're gone.

With You Still

In loving memory of my daughter, Stephanie

Gentle laughter sounds in my ear,
A smile unmatched by any other comes into view.
You hug me tight and kiss my cheek,
Who knew it would be for the last time.
Still your gentle laughter sounds in my ear,
And your smile lingers before my eyes,
Forever to feel your embrace and your kiss on my cheek.

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