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Name:Jason Eric Holder
Date of Birth:1/11/1977
Date of Passing:8/21/2004
County/Road of Fatal Collision:US 178

My son, Jason, was my second son out of four boys (my fourth was stillborn). So, I only got to raise three. I kept my boys together and they were very close. Jason was a happy boy with a lot of mischief and loved to tease the girls. He was not at all shy and never met a stranger. He loved everyone. Jason grew up the same way. Not only was he always there for his friends and family but he took time to visit and be there for everyone. No one visited people the way my Jason did, and he was always there when you needed him. I always worried that he let people use him but he said they couldn't use him because he knew what they were doing and you can't use someone if they let you.

Jason saw the good in all people and told me I should look for that too. Jason loved to talk (said he had a lot to say) and was the most honest person I ever saw and believed in everyone. I miss Jason's beautiful smile and his long arms giving me a hug (he always needed a big hug). I believe that Jason lived more in 27 years than some people live in a lifetime, other than his marriage not working out and having the children he so wanted (he would have made a wonderful Daddy). I believe Jason was a very happy young man. Jason had called me three times the day before his accident to tell me he loved me and talk about future plans and his nephew Tyler's fifth birthday party and a cookout at my house after the party. The birthday party was to be on Saturday at 2 p.m., but instead we were making Jason's funeral arrangments at that very time so our plans were canceled forever.

When Jason left this world, it tore my world apart. My heart was broken and I don't think it will ever be whole again. It seems like all my family pictures have been ripped apart. Jason left behind two brothers, Clayton and Ronnie Lee, a half-sister Deedra and a nephew, Tyler, that he was very close to. Now when I look in his brothers eyes I see the hurt and pain from losing Jason and it breaks my heart all over again because I can't fix it and I can't make it better. My biggest fear is that Tyler will not remember his Uncle Jason and how much he loved him because everyone should know that special love.
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