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Name:Kelli Laine Lewis
Date of Birth:7/18/1982
Date of Passing:1/21/2001
Hometown:Tega Cay
County/Road of Fatal Collision:Gold Hill Rd. - Fort Mill, SC

Kelli Laine- "baby girl," my only girl, brothers called her "keddi-girl" when all were little. Miss her big smiles, warm heart and best laugh I have ever heard.

Miss hearing her in her room late at night laughing at a "Jerry Springer" show...then her compassionate crying while she watched shows about starving children (found out after she died she was sponsoring three such children!). How she would come home and say "whas-up fam?" her signature greeting. Miss her love for her little brother and how she would let him sleep with her at night. Miss her love for her friends (even to a fault!) Miss her love of animals and the artist in her. Her love of music. Her humor. Her pranks. The smell of her hair.

Miss the not so great things. Yelling at her to: clean THAT room, get OFF the phone, PLEASE come home ON time, YOU'RE GROUNDED!!! I even miss the calls that came in a couple times that said "you have a collect call from an inmate (insert her little voice) "Kelli", will you accept the call?" What I wouldn't give for one of those calls today.

Kelli said "Mom, I think I am going to die soon" and she did -- that night. We never got to say "I love you" (something we did no matter how mad we were at each other). This will always haunt me.

Kelli and girlfriends went to a party. She got drunk, didn't leave with her designated driver, was a passenger in a car that was racing another car. The car she was riding in went off the road into the air, took out three trees, threw her out, landing on top of her in someone's front yard. She was on her way home...three miles from our house. All three children in the car died. We then got "the knock at the door" and our lives would never again be the same.

Kelli was loved and from a good family. We miss her every day. Kelli paid the price for her actions that night I only want others to be responsible for their part.

I will always be Kelli's mom, and it is my job to always take care of her. I will not stop talking about what happened and what didn't happen.

A great movie about this incident and two other stories about drunk driving fatalities, called "Grave Decisions," can be obtained by calling S.C. Prosecution Office at (803)343-0765. Please feel free to contact me if your have lost a loved one to drunk driving.

If we are not part of the solution...we are still part of the problem.

Kelli-girl, "in the arms of the angels, may you find...
some comfort now."

P.S.- Thanks baby-girl for sending all the pennies everyday! We get your message and we love you.
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