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Name:Manuel (Mane) Frederico Lopez
Date of Birth:10/26/1992
Date of Passing:10/25/2009
State:South Carolina
County/Road of Fatal Collision:Newberry County / Mt.Bethel Garmany Rd

He was killed the day before his 17th birthday. He was so happy and looking forward to having fun with his friends to celebrate his special day. I heard him earlier that Sunday afternoon making plans. I didn't question him or tell him to come home early that night, because I figured it was his birthday, and I knew he just wanted to have fun.

The past year had been a difficult year for my son and me. He was the typical teenager and I am a single mother, who was working and trying to support and raise 3 children. My son, Manuel, and I argued constantly about everything. He was constantly getting into trouble and had recently stopped going to school. He was hanging around an older boy and I thought that boy had been a bad influence on my son. When I tried to talk to him about this it always ended in arguments.

But the week before he died I could see that my son was starting to think about his future. He started coming home early and wasn't arguing and fighting with me or his sister and brother. He also had started job hunting and that Friday we had started inquiring on him getting his G.E.D.

I didn't tell him how proud I was of him for trying. That I will regret for the rest of my life. I truly believe he was going to change his life. He just didn't have the time to do everything he had planned.

The Sunday that he died my younger son, Enrique, and I had been making his birthday cake for him. We were going to surprise him that next day.

I remember waking up that Monday morning to a knock at my door. It was after 4:00am that morning. It was the coroner with 2 sheriff's deputies. They told me that my son had been in a car accident and had died. The accident happened around 7:00pm on Sunday, October 25. My son Manuel died at 10:34pm at Richland Memorial in Columbia.

I miss my son so much. I usually cry myself to sleep at night. The pain is so great. My son leaves behind his sister, Adriana, who just turned 15 and his younger brother, Enrique, who is 10. He also leaves behind an unborn baby girl, Malaya, and other relatives who loved him dearly. Our lives are forever changed. We miss Mane's smile, his laughter, his raps, his typing on the keyboard at all hours of the night. Our house seems so empty without him. I know life goes on. Mane deeply believed in GOD. I know he is with him right now. I know he has no worries or cares or fears. He is not in any more pain. I only hope that he can feel all the love that we have for him. We will see him again one day. I just ask him every day to please wait for us, because we will be together again. We love you and miss you my beloved son. You are always in my heart! Mom

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