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Name:Larry Lee Hurst Jr.
Date of Birth:2/14/1993
Date of Passing:4/11/2011
County/Road of Fatal Collision:Kershaw County / Springvale rd

I miss Larry so much, everytime you would see him he had such a smile on his face, he was kind, loving, hard working & honest.

Larry lived a care free life, he lived everyday like it was his last he had such a gentle soul. When Larry passed away he left behide me - his mother, 2 brother's Evan Lowe & Kory Lowe, and nephew Shane. Larry was going to be a uncle again soon.

Larry being gone has had such an impact on my life. Larry is my baby boy and I love and miss him everyday. If Heaven had stairs I would walk up there and bring Larry home. It hurts my heart so bad and it is like a pain I have never felt nor will I ever forget.

I sit at home and cry so much that at times I think that I am going crazy. I feel lost and dont know where my life should go I just want my son back home. Larry had so much to live for. He was going to start a new job and his G/F is going into the Army.

Everything was going Larry's way for once. Larry has a 93' Ford probe that he was working on so I could drive it back and forth to work. It needed alot of work but he was trying - trying to do something nice for me.
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