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Name:Ellis Matthew Mercer
Date of Birth:11/8/1986
Date of Passing:6/19/2011
State:South Carolina
County/Road of Fatal Collision:Highway 521

His smile,his blue eyes, the way he looked at you, his kind heart, when he would get mad at you he would always come and hug you and say it will be all right and that he loved you.

He had two children a son Ellis Gage and daugther Kherri that was the love of his life. When him and Kherri were together he would hold on to her and she wouldn't let anybody else hold her but her daddy. He loved his family and was getting a house fixed up so they could be together as a family. He was a very hard worker who looked forward to the time he would spend with his children and the rest of the family.He was proud of his son and daugther.

A part of us died that night when Ellis was killed. And each day is a struggle to go on. He was the fifth baby of seven children, and the rest of the children are missing there brother so much. There is not a day that goes by that they want to know why he wasn't seen that night and why no one has been charge with anything. Dad and mom loved him and still love him so much and miss him every second of the day.

They say it get easier with time but the easy part is nowhere to be found. To those who never new him you sure did miss meeting a real diamond in the ruff. That was being polished to be perfect in time. Our heavenly father needed him that night to be a Angel so he took him home to finish what he had already started. Ellis we love and miss you so much.
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