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SCHP offers a wide variety of career opportunities in our Specialized Units.

Only the most highly qualified candidates are accepted in our agency. A career with the South Carolina Highway Patrol is not easy, but the rewards, both professional and personal, are extremely satisfying.


Advanced Civil Emergency Response Team (ACERT)
ACERT responds to civil emergencies using specialized training, tactics and equipment.


Community Relations Officer (CRO)
The CRO is a uniformed trooper and a civilian staff member in regions around the state dedicated to educating the public and media about the Highway Patrol and highway safety.


Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU)
The Criminal Interdiction Unit functions as a specialized unit with a primary mission of criminal interdiction, to include curtailing drug trafficking, fugitive apprehension, stolen vehicle recovery, weapon recovery and Human Trafficking. The unit is supported with eight specialized K-9 teams.


Emergency Management Unit
The Emergency Management Unit monitors emergency traffic incidents and coordinates hurricane evacuation efforts.


Governor’s Security Detail
While working with the State Law Enforcement Division, the Governor's Security Detail provides protection for the South Carolina Governor and his or her family.


Insurance Enforcement Unit
The Insurance Enforcement Unit works closely with the Department of Motor Vehicles to identify and prohibit uninsured drivers on the highways.

Motor Unit

Motor Unit
The Motor Unit’s primary responsibility is to supplement the Highway Patrol’s efforts in promoting traffic safety and reducing highway collisions in areas not ideally suited for conventional patrol vehicles. The MotorUnit also works special assignments including college football games and assisting with VIP’s and other special events.


Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT)
MAIT investigates complicated vehicle crashes, using state-of-the-art technology and analysis to reconstruct the scene.


SCHP recruiters are dedicated to finding professional and committed candidates to become SC State Troopers.