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Friday Lights For Safety (#FridayLightsForSafety)

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Friday Lights for Safety Flyer

For most people, Friday typically marks the end of a long work or school week and the beginning of some relaxation and fun. On the roads, however, Friday is the beginning of the deadliest part of the week. Law enforcement typically sees traffic fatalities rise on Friday compared to any other day of the week. In order to bring more awareness to achieving the goal of, “Target Zero,” the State Transport Police is partnering with the trucking industry, law enforcement and the community to shine the light on eliminating traffic fatalities with “Friday Lights For Safety.” Trucking companies, law enforcement agencies and members of the community participating in the #FridayLightsForSafety campaign will operate with their head lights on every Friday from Labor Day (September 2nd, 2016) through New Year’s eve (December 30th, 2016). This will show their support for eliminating traffic fatalities in South Carolina and help the state drive toward #TargetZero.

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