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Keeping Children Safe

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The South Carolina Department of Public Safety encourages parents and teachers to talk with their children about the importance of safety before and after school starts. This page is meant to serve as a guide by housing important safety information in a central location. The back-to-school season is a great time to teach, motivate, practice and encourage safety habits as students travel to and from school. We hope schools and childcare facilities will take advantage of the information offered here, including safety videos, fun activity sheets and educational materials for parents and caregivers. Please feel free to download these safety materials. Media and Schools: There are both television and radio PSAs for download.

Download our Back-to-School Packet Information below

School Zone Safety
Trooper stops driver in a school zone.
School Zone Safety
"Public Service Announcement" Video (:30))
"Back to School Safety" Video (2:00))

School Bus Safety
Children and Troopers standing beside a school bus.
School Bus Safety
Getting On and Off the School Bus Safety
Safety Tips for Parents

School Bus Safety Poster
"Do You Know When to Stop For a School Bus?"

Safety Cid and Cindy
Safety Cid and Cindy standing with two Troopers promoting Back to School Safety.
"Highway Safety Stars" Video (:30)
Safety Cid and Cindy Coloring Book

Child Restraint Systems
Parent buckling baby in car seat.
New Child Restraint Recommendations
Child Safety Q & A
SC Child Restraint Law
Installing Child Safety Seats
Captain Buckle Up Comic Coloring Book
Traffic Safety Program for Kids and Parents
Car Seat Checkup
Booster Seats – What To Know

Child Pedestrian Safety
Children walking in a crosswalk.
Child Pedestrian Safety Curriculum

Bicycle Safety
Child riding a bicycle.
"What You Should Know?"

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